Tuesday, July 5, 2011

From The Files of Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon. Who the hell are Dino and Que?

Have you watch Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon? If you havent, you're safe since i'm not giving away any much information about the movie. After watching the movie, 1 thing that really bugs me was the name of 2 Autobots which is Dino (pronounce it as Dee-no) which its alternative mode is a red Ferari and the other was Que (Q) with Mercedes Benz as its alternative mode. There is no Autobot nor Decepticon character uses those names. The closes probably was Dinobot from the Beast Wars universe still no other bots call him "Dino"

Shockwave looks awesome
So, did a little bit of digging here and there and this is what i found. From the prequel of this movie, Transformers Rising Storm #2

So the RED bot is called Mirage while the Silver bot is Wheeljack.

Wheeljack and Mirage badly damage

So, in issue #4, it shows that both Mirage and Wheeljack ware badly damage and Ratchet was unsure if those 2 would be back to normal. If you look at both bots, you would realize they look the same as Dino and Que, in other word Dino IS Mirage and Que IS Wheeljack

I probably feel like most Transformers fan would think that Bay should have stick using Mirage and Wheeljack instead of Dino and Que. 

P/S: i've noticed Sentinal Prime sounded familiar and during the credits, i've realized it's the same person who did Galvatron's voice in Transformers: The Movie

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Anonymous said...

That's Michael Bay saying a big thank you to Ferrari. The Ferrari in the movie is a 458 Italia. The name Dino ( pronounced: deeno) is the name of Enzo Ferrari's son.

Anonymous said...

And the original rumor was that the ferrari was going to be Rodimus who later becomes Rodmus Prime after Optimus dies.

Miq said...

ya, i've also read it somewhere that Dino was a tribute to the Ferari owner

now that you've mentioned it, i did read some sort of script (or maybe not) for the 2nd movie. It says that there will be a red ferari using the name Rodimus

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